Introductory session: Am I in the right place?

Introduction of the concept of the course and the team of lecturers; introduction to the scientific discipline of tertiary pedagogics; outline of the current standing of tertiary institutions; changing demands on university teachers.

How does the teacher’s type of personality affect the way in which they manage their teaching profession?

Strong and weak points of higher education teachers; which type is accepted by the students; self-diagnosis of personality type; what is affected by the personality type.

How to communicate with students

Higher education students, their education needs and specific features of their motivation; work with both talented and difficult students.

How to teach students something

Objectives and models of instruction; modern types of lessons; ways of making students active; creating favourable conditions for learning; evaluation of students’ learning results.

How to prepare for a teaching session and conduct it well and how to use e-learning

Forms of instruction at a tertiary institution; how to conduct a good lecture, seminar or exercise; interaction during the lesson; planning the lesson; preparation of study materials; lecture – exercise continuity; teacher communication. LMS Moodle: online instruction support; pedagogical application of Moodle; model situations.

What to do in difficult and conflict situations when working with students

Safe form of group reflective dialogue structured as a Balint group.

How not to lose one’s voice while lecturing

Communication skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, working with voice, foundations of vocal hygiene

Final session: What next?

Reflection on, and evaluation of the education programme from the participants‘ point of view; generating new themes to develop the programme; final colloquium; setting up a graduate network to facilitate further exchange of experience.

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