Testing in Tertiary Education

Grading students‘ knowledge is an inseparable part of university education. This takes various forms, from oral examinations to written tests and different types of practical exams. The three workshops focus on some general approaches to testing knowledge in higher education, especially on written tests and, possibly, computer-aided testing.

Tests often serve to verify whether the student has achieved the knowledge and skills needed to continue the course or to practice a profession. They can also provide valuable feedback to teachers and students, thus becoming a base for managing the delivery of teaching and continuous enhancement of its quality. The greater the impact of test results on the future fate of the student or on changes in teaching, the more important for the quality of the tests to be good – to measure knowledge in an objective, fair and reproducible way.

Workshop participants will become acquainted with techniques aiding the drafting of such tests and creating high-quality test tasks. They will learn how to use test and individual task analysis tools and to apply the results of these analyses to improve test tasks and the tests as a whole. The workshops will deal with all the steps in the test cycle, from planning, to creation and opposing and defending the tasks, setting up and standardising classification boundaries, administering the test, grading, to item analysis and test analysis. Emphasis is laid on enabling workshop participants to immediately start using most of the techniques in their teaching practice.

To acquire the certificate, it is necessary to attend the full scope of all the three workshops.

I. Good-quality test task

II. From a single task to the whole test

III. Practical analysis of the test

Lecturers: Čestmír Štuka, Patrícia Martinková, Martin Vejražka

Date: to be determined

For inquiries please contact Mgr. Pavla Satrapová

Supported by the Increasing Quality of Education at Charles University and Its Relevance for the Needs of the Labour Market project.

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