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Training on how to use the Turnitin system

The Centre for Lifelong Learning and the Central Library of Charles University have organised training on how to use the Turnitin system.

This application for the electronic submission and grading of the content of seminar and final theses is used by leading world universities to provide feedback to students, train academic writing skills and prevent plagiarism. The Turnitin application allows easy matching the content of academic papers with a large database of documents including, besides freely accessible websites, licensed sources and repositories of final theses.

The training focuses on the basic use of the application when the first implementation for teaching purposes is possible within several dozen minutes and also deals with the pedagogical aspects of grading papers in Turnitin and the experience gained so far with this system at Charles University where in the current academic year the application is having its pilot run.

If interested in trying out the application during the seminar, it is possible to bring your own notebook or tablet, but this is not necessary for becoming acquainted with the basic features of the Wireless internet access is a necessity, e.g. via the Eduroam network or your own mobile connection. For logging into the application, CAS access details are required.

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