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European University Alliance - 4EU+

The 4EU+ Alliance is a grouping of six large and renowned public universities with a broad scope of research activities. 4EU+ Alliance members are jointly striving to implement a new quality of mutual cooperation in teaching, education, research and administration and to create an infrastructure facilitating barrier-free cooperation of students and academic and administrative staff. The Alliance is based on the shared understanding of the role of the European university as an institution with a mission to maintain and enhance academic values, ensure equal access to education and form a future generation of open and critically thinking citizens prepared to deal with global challenges and respond to them.

Six universities aware of their shared responsibility for the future direction of Europe

The birth of the Alliance two years ago was attended by the Czech Charles University, by Heidelberg University in Germany, the French Sorbonne University and the University of Warsaw. The 4EU Alliance was formally established by the signing of a joint declaration in Paris on 10 March 2018; this was followed in the beginning of October 2018 by the adoption of a joint strategy of long-term cooperation. In the same month, two new members joined the Alliance – the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and the University of Milan (Italy), which turned 4EU into 4EU+. The six institutions signed a new Memorandum of Understanding and approved their Mission Statement, which reflects the awareness of joint responsibility for resolving key global issues and ensuring balance within the framework of European higher education.

The 4EU+ Alliance is based on the existing multilateral cooperation but strives to enhance it by developing a flexible inter-institutional environment for the academic management, students and staff. The latter can thus benefit from new teaching and educational options and scientific-research activities and innovation with a society outreach that would have been difficult for the universities to achieve individually. The 4EU+ Alliance Mission Statement defines the objectives of the three-year Erasmus+ pilot project and beyond it.

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